What you need to know about Kansas City Poetry Slam: 

1st Wednesday of every month. 
Uptown Arts Bar. 3611 Broadway Kansas City, MO.
$50 cash prize to first place. 
$5 cover.
Hosted by Poet Jen Harris & Samantha Slupski. 

10 poets compete - sign up list drops at 9 p.m. SHARP. 
First 10 to sign up are guaranteed to compete. 

Committed to the local and national poetry slam scene, to developing poetic skill and stage presentation through classes, workshops, themed slams, group rehearsals and feature shows. 

Wanna be on our stage? Email kcpoetryslam@gmail.com

During the Slam:

 Kansas City Poetry Slam is a 3 round slam.

Round 1: 10 poets 
Round 2: 5 poets 
Round 3: 3 poets

Winner takes home $50 cash, the title of monthly slam champ & is featured at the MicroSlam the 4th Thursday of every month. 

Scores are CUMULATIVE. If you make it to round 2, your score from Round 1 will be added to your score of Round 2 = a total score. The WINNER of the slam has the highest cumulative total from rounds 1-3. 

Your poetry WILL BE judged! 5 judges are chosen by the hosts and they score each poet based on originality, performance,
and creativity. "Olympic Style" scores are issued, with a 0 being an epically terrible poem and 10 being an impossibly stunning poem. One decimal point is encouraged to avoid ties.

The audience is SO important! You get to try and influence the judges to give high scores to your favorite poems, we encourage all sorts of interactions. You will hear lots of common call-outs, like:


Slam is the sport of poetry! Put your words in the hot seat with 5 randomly chosen audience judges and see how you score.


The Rules:

Anyone age 21+ can compete in an open slam. (18+ w/ parent or guardian)

All subjects and styles of poetry are welcome and encouraged.

Each poem must be originally written by the performer. 

No props are allowed. It is not a prop if every poet has access to the item, like a chair from the audience, for instance. 2 points are deducted from your score if you unwittingly violate the prop rule. Your score is changed to 2 points lower than the lowest score in the round for deliberate or planned prop violations.

No instruments other than your voice or pre-recorded music is allowed.

No costumes are allowed to competitors.

Time penalties are issued for poems after 3 minutes 10 seconds. The penalty is 1/2 point per ten seconds over time.

After four minutes, you are disqualified.

Poets may not speak with judges before the slam. They may also not ask others to talk to the judges on their behalf or behave in any way which calls undue attention to themselves. There is a 2 point penalty for any of these actions.

Interested in going to Nationals? Here's what you need to know:

The slam season starts in September and ends in April. All scores from those months will be tracked and added up. At the end of the slam season, the 12 poets with the highest scores of the season will compete in one "Team Choice" National Poetry Slam Qualifier. From that slam, the top 5 poets will have the chance to go to Nationals, which is Chicago, IL in 2018.

You must be a PSi member to compete in the Nationals Qualifier.

Please contact Samantha Slupski for questions about your standing during the slam season.

For more information about Nationals, visit https://poetryslam.com/